We understand that your honeymoon is the most important holiday of your life, a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Whether you want a few weeks of long-haul lounging or a minimoon in a romantic city, we can tailor a trip to your tastes, whatever the size of your budget.

Budgeting for your honeymoon can be a challenge as there are so many things to consider – after all it is probably not something you have done before or intend on doing again! As with everything in life, you get what you pay for, but there is a huge range of options to explore. The most important thing is having a budget that you feel comfortable and we can advise you on what you are able to get for your money, taking into consideration the star rating of the resort, along with the board basis and amenities.

Nowadays people are looking for multi-center honeymoons combining a touch of adventure with a relaxing beach haven. some of the favorites are:-

  • Safari in Africa with a Mauritius beach extension!
  • Singapore and hop around Australia
  • Self-drive from Milan to Venice
  • Phuket and Surat Thani
  • Las Vegas and Hawaii
  • Caribbean cruise
  • Tahiti
  • Africa & Zanzibar
  • Seychelles & Dubai
  • Greece island hopping
  • Brazil, Argentina & Peru
  • Costa Rica & Caribbean Beach
  • Maldives & Sri Lanka
  • Bali & Singapore
  • Fiji & New Zealand

Let’s not forget the traditional destinations – the Caribbean, Indian Ocean & Asia.

Minimoons are popular for those who are unable to take a long time off or are on a tight budget, Europe has some romantic destinations which can be just as rewarding. UK minimoons are being considered especially with animal lovers who can not bare to put their furry family members into kennels.