Meet NicolaLuxury holiday specialist

Starting her travel career in 2003 as part of a team launching Cunardโ€™s transatlantic ocean liner the Queen Mary 2, Nicola very quickly developed a passion for travel which paved her professional path. Since then, she has continued to work within the luxury travel industry, heading up the marketing for a private jet airline and luxury travel and concierge service working with high-end suppliers, and putting together bespoke travel itineraries for discerning clients.  As a travel agent, Nicola believes in helping clients plan their perfect trips and is not afraid of complicated itineraries or unusual requests. 

Nicola often jokes that she hasnโ€™t been everywhere, but itโ€™s definitely on her list!  The next stop is Indonesia in the Autumn. When she is not traveling or planning her next trip she enjoys the theatre, singing in a choir, and playing netball.

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Meet JaniceCruise specialist

Janice started her travel career in 2000 and has been involved in travel ever since. She’s worked for tour operators specializing in holidays for a single career.

Initially, her job was in reservations and then headed up the department specializing in cruising. Within her role, she decided which cruises and destinations were offered and she had the pleasure of personally escorting many of the groups on cruises all over the world.

Alongside cruising, she also helped the operations team with the tours they offered by liaising with the agents abroad, finalizing itineraries, and issuing travel documents.

In her early days of contracting cruises, she didnโ€™t have the luxury of having cabins/staterooms for the single traveler, but as cruising has evolved and now being more affordable to the general market and not just the luxury one, the cruise companies have evolved and now welcome people traveling on their own as well as couples, families, and groups.

Her passion for cruising has not diminished and she loves nothing better than advising her clients on the right sort of cruise for them.

When she has spare time she is not shy to admit she’s a bit of a foodie and loves cooking, entertaining, the theatre, and traveling. Still on her bucket list of places to travel in Australia.

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Meet Alyssa – Based in the USA

Alyssa is new to being a travel agent but has always loved travel and loves learning about new places to visit, being able to turn her passion for travel into a business was a dream come true! If you are looking to travel to the USA especially New York where Alyssa is from she will be able to guide you to the best places to visit and the best restaurants!

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